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Employment Law

The lawyers at Light & Miller, LLP fight for the rights of employees and can help you in any employment law dispute with your employer.

Injury Law Made Personal

Light & Miller, LLP represents individuals and families who have suffered injury or death caused by the negligence or recklessness of others.

Silicosis Law

Light & Miller, LLP represents individuals and families who have suffered injury or death caused by workplace exposure to silica.

Our Practice

Exceptional Legal Services

Light & Miller, LLP, is a modern, client-centered law firm formed by two Super Lawyers, Christopher Light and Michael Miller, to provide exceptional, effective and aggressive legal services and trial advocacy in the areas of employee/worker rights, consumer safety, and personal injury.

Our trial lawyers regularly represent individuals throughout the state of California, including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the entire greater San Francisco Bay Area in both individual and class / representative actions. We accept cases in Colorado and California. Our employment lawyers and personal injury lawyers take pride in treating clients like family and advocating from the heart.

The journey to justice can be a long, difficult and arduous process. Christopher and Michael personally attend to the needs of each client throughout the process with empathy and compassion.

We don’t get paid until you get paid

Light & Miller, LLP’s trial attorneys will typically work on a contingency fee basis. That means that your trial attorney doesn’t get paid unless there is a recovery and you get paid. The only fee you pay is a percentage of the amount you recover.

Free Consultation

We can come to you!

The personal injury attorneys at Light & Miller, LLP understand that circumstances following an injury can severely limit mobility and everyday functioning. As such, we can come to you and provide an initial consultation at absolutely no cost to you..

*Disclaimer: Our operation of this website does not create or intend to create an attorney/client relationship with you. Contact with Light & Miller, LLP or any employee of the firm does not constitute the establishment of an attorney/client relationship until a formal, written representation agreement has been reached between you and the firm to handle a particular matter. While we are happy to have you contact us, please understand that any information conveyed to the firm via email goes through the internet and therefore may not be secure. Additionally, until any conflict of interest has been addressed and a formal written agreement has been reached with the firm regarding representation, any information imparted to the firm may not be viewed as privileged or confidential.

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* Colorado cases are handled exclusively by LIGHT & MILLER, LLP Attorney, Christopher Light

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